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Team Trust Inventory


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1. Work Satisfaction: Assess your level of work satisfaction

2.  Career Advancement: A self-appraisal to gain insight into your career advancement potential

3. Contributorship: A tool to assess your feelings about work

4. Team Participation Preferences: A self-assessment to gain insight into how you prefer to interact on teams

5. Needs Assessment: A process that you can you to analyze team issues, needs, and problems

6. Decision Making Self Assessment: Are you an effective decision maker?

7. Team Trust Inventory: Ten questions to assess team trust levels

8. Workplace Values Inventory: A self-assessment of your personal workplace values

9. Interpersonal Skills Inventory: Identify and evaluate your skills

Team Trust Inventory

Use the following questions to appraise your team’s climate of trust.  If you answer "no" to any of the questions below, discuss the question(s) at your next team meeting.

  1. When team members convey information, is it sincere and truthful?

  2. Are team members consistent in their treatment of other team members?

  3. When team members say they will do something, they do it?

  4. Do members act in a timely manner?

  5. Do members value team achievements and contributions?

  6. Do members resolve conflicts in a timely and consistent manner?

  7. Do team members work to avoid sarcasm?

  8. Do team members treat other members fairly?

  9. Do team members take a sincere interest in other team members?

  10. Do members consistently maintain a hopeful, “can do” attitude?