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Performance Appraisals 


Performance Management:

Performance Appraisals

A performance appraisal is a systematic one-on-one review and evaluation of an individual employee’s performance.  The appraisal is conducted in accordance with pre-established criteria that have been tailored to each employee, preferably as identified in an individual development plan.

Appraisals are important because they provide vital feedback to employees for the ongoing improvement of performance.  They also are critical pieces in taking action with poor performers, rewarding positive performance, and for making promotions and job assignments.  Moreover, team leaders have an obligation to let their team members know how they are individually performing.

Considerations for an Effective Appraisal Session


  1. Use a standard appraisal form which includes the following: Bio data, signature lines, and dates; employee critical elements--assigned goals, objectives, and skill targets; your standard rating system; and a section for action plans to improve performance.


  1. State the purpose and goals of the appraisal meeting, avoid defensiveness or attacking language, allow plenty of room for employee input, ask questions to engage the employee, focus on behavior, be clear and honest, avoid personality generalizations, and end on an encouraging note. 


  1. Identify two or three components of the employee’s position that are critical.  These are responsibilities that are vital to fulfilling team/organizational goals.


  1. Discuss performance requirements for each critical component under review and then provide input on how well you think the employee fulfilled these requirements.  Consider things like timeliness, quality of results, and performance style. 


  1. Explain your assessment of the employee’s performance level.  In other words, did the employee meet expectations?  Rate each performance requirement using a standard rating system.


  1. Discuss and settle on ongoing actions that will improve performance areas that need strengthening.  Then establish timelines and how each action will be addressed at the next appraisal session.


  1. Be sure that the employee knows exactly what is expected of him or her.  Then sign and submit the appraisal form.


  1. Follow up the appraisal with frequent feedback, encouragement, and improvement strategies/training.