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Team Leader Responsibilities to the Team 

Each team leader must adapt his or her leadership skills to maximize team productivity.  Indeed, effective team leadership is a difficult responsibility that requires many unique adjustments and calculations.  Nevertheless researchers frequently identify the responsibilities to the team listed below as essential for team leadership success.

Read through the following list of responsibilities of the leader to a team and assess your performance for each: 1= I need to work on this, 2= I do okay with this, 3= I do this very well.

1  2  3 

Help the team develop and progress

1  2  3 

Help the team align its goals with the organization

1  2  3 

See that the team stays organized

1  2  3 

Help team members understand their jobs

1  2  3 

Provide timely feedback on their performance

1  2  3 

Let them know what they are doing right

1  2  3 

Let them know what they need to improve on

1  2  3 

Provide necessary information to do the job

1  2  3 

Keep them informed about the issues that impact them

1  2  3 

Provide problem solving strategies

1  2  3 

See that the team gets the required training

1  2  3 

Reward the team for their accomplishments

1  2  3 

Be loyal to the team

1  2  3 

Mediate conflicts