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Team Building 



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Focusing a Team

  1. Team Assessment: Use this assessment to take a critical look at your team. 

  2. Visioning: Use this activity to articulate your team’s ideal future

  3. Goal Setting: Use this activity to focus your team goals and set a basis for directed action

  4. Building an Action Plan: Use this activity to identify specific actions to begin achieving your goals

  5. Clarifying Roles: This activity will help your team clarify the role of each individual team member.

  6. Understanding Change: A look at managing successful change.

  7. Collaboration Strategies:  Know how to collaborate effectively

  8. Conflict Awareness:  Manage team conflict before it escalates

  9. Team Norms: Setting ground rules for team participation and behavior

  10. Team Expectations: A team leader's expectations of his/her team members

  11. Team Building Games:  Sample five easy-to-implement team building games

  12. Managing the Net Generation: Understand the work expectations of a new wave of professionals

  13. Fostering Innovation: Ten key rules for fostering innovation in the workplace

  14. Workplace Productivity: Thirty strategies to boost your personal on-the-job productivity

  15. Work Culture: Twelve indicators of a healthy work culture

  16. Difficult Feedback: Tips to consider when confronting a team member

  17. Receiving Feedback: Guidelines to accept constructive feedback

Five Team Building Games

A team building game is an activity that encourages team cooperation and camaraderie. The goal of most team building games is to help members to connect better with each other and work well together. Below is a sampling of five representative team building games.

Obstacle Race

An obstacle race is a competition where teams try to solve or complete selected obstacles as fast as possible before the other teams. Each obstacle must be dealt with so a team can move on to the next. These obstacles can vary from purely physical tasks to mental ones; each requiring team cooperation and strategy to conquer.

Tower Building Game

This is a simple one. Within a limited amount of time, selected teams are given the task of building a tower using items provided to them. The team with the tallest and sturdiest tower wins. The materials used for this game are masking tape to hold the tower parts together and drinking straws and/or construction paper.

The Mine Field

The mine field is a game of trust. The participants are paired: one is blindfolded while the other gives instructions. The “playing field” has multiple “mines.” The instructor must verbally guide his/her blindfolded partner across the field without stepping onto any of the mines.

Memory Game

The memory game is an introductory bonding activity where each participant memorizes the full names of the others. This is a good way to get people to familiarize themselves with the faces and names of their colleagues.  Volunteers then test their memories.

Message Relay

The participants are divided into groups and each group forms a line. The person in front will be given a message and must pass it correctly to the next person. The goal is to get the message relayed to the last person intact and without any changes.

Ben Kalle writes for teambuildinggames.org where you can find a plethora of team
building activities for different scenarios, objectives, and locations.