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Decision Making: Self-Assessment

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1. Work Satisfaction: Assess your level of work satisfaction

2.  Career Advancement: A self-appraisal to gain insight into your career advancement potential

3. Contributorship: A tool to assess your feelings about work

4. Team Participation Preferences: A self-assessment to gain insight into how you prefer to interact on teams

5. Needs Assessment: A process that you can you to analyze team issues, needs, and problems

6. Decision Making Self Assessment: Are you an effective decision maker?

7. Team Trust Inventory: Ten questions to assess team trust levels

8. Workplace Values Inventory: A self-assessment of your personal workplace values

9. Interpersonal Skills Inventory: Identify and evaluate your skills

Decision Making Self-Evaluation

Are you a thoughtful decision maker?  Check your decision making style by first recalling an important team decision.  Then assess your leadership role by answering the following questions.

  1. Did you gather adequate data, background, and/or information about the issue?

  2. Did you concisely and clearly state the purpose or need for the decision?

  3. Did you clearly state the desired outcomes?

  4. Did you prepare all team members to consider and discuss the issue?

  5. Did you give team members the information and time to reflect on the situation?

  6. Did you encourage active and open discussion of the issue?

  7. Did you set and explain the guidelines for the decision?

  8. Did you manage and focus the discussion?

  9. Did you offer pros and cons for the various options?

  10. Did you get a commitment from team members for the decision?

  11. Did you clearly outline the action plan and timetable?