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How Does Your Team View You as a Leader?

How do your team members view you as a leader? 

Below are ten basic roles of a team leader.  How do your team members see you?

For purposes of this self reflection exercise, identify how you are viewed by your team members.  Then break down the percentages, 10% see you as an referee, 25% see you as a visionary, etc.

In the first column, identify the percentages based on how your team members see you doing each role and in the second column identify the percentage of time you actually spend in each role. 


Leader Roles

Percent of time that you feel the team sees you for each listed role..

Percent of time you feel you actually spend in each role.

Problem solver



Referee (settles interpersonal conflict)



Process Manager (ensures that goals are met)



Procurer (finds and manages resources)






Developer (implementer of processes)



Crisis Manager (puts out everyday fires)






Task Master (makes certain that people are doing their jobs)



Counselor (works with team members to help with personal issues)



Risk Taker



Technical expert



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