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Productivity Blockers

Productivity Blockers

There are times when an individual or team can’t seem to move forward: Problems can’t be solved, creativity bogs down, new procedures seem overwhelming, ideas don’t flow like they used to, and there is a loss of energy. 

When this happens, the team or individual is frequently fighting “blockers” that are hampering productivity.  Below is a list of common productivity blockers.  Go through the list and mark those that are relevant to you; then brainstorm actions to “push through” the blockage.  Often just realistically identifying the blockers will help to deal with them.

Productivity Blockers


1. Habits of behavior or of thinking


2. Fear of mistakes


3. Being stuck in one set of beliefs


4. Fear of change


5. Unwillingness to see divergent perspectives


6. The loss of energy from boredom


7. Unwilling to challenge current comfort levels


8. Too polite to challenge


9. Lack of time


10. Ego


11. Unwillingness to play with new ideas


12. Unwilling to take a risk or even the possibility of a risk


13. Self-doubt


14. Stress


15. Fear of authority


16. Fear of being wrong


17. The power of the status quo


18. Unwillingness to admit that the “old” way needs revamping