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Team Leader Challenge:

Assess Your Approach to Team Leadership


Team Leader Challenge

As one's daily ďto doĒ list grows and grows, team leaders often forget to step back for a moment and take a good hard look at how they are functioning as a team leader.  This Team Leader Challenge provides leaders a vehicle for self-reflection.  

Use the self-assessment activities below to take an honest look at how you see yourself as a leader.  Isolate both your leadership strong points and those skills that you feel you need to strengthen.  Keep in mind that your goal is to boost your performance in a way that will work to create a more productive and vibrant team.

Challenge # 1. How strong of a leader are you?  Assess your overall leadership ability by self-evaluating ten vital leadership skills.

Activity: Leadership Strengths Survey

Challenge #2. Are you actively engaged with your team?  You are a team leader but you are also an integral part of the team.  You not only establish the teamís direction and standards, you also set its tone and model team interaction.  Assess your personal participation as a team participant.

Activity: Rate Yourself as a Team Player

Challenge #3.  Are you meeting your responsibilities as a team leader?  As a team leader you must clarify, establish, and sustain basic team responsibilities.  When leaders fail to meet these basic responsibilities, teams will often not perform up to their potential or expectations

Activity: Team Leader Responsibilities to the Team


Challenge # 4. Do you model appropriate interpersonal skills?   On a daily basis leaders need to model interpersonal skills appropriate for the work environment.  Frequently a teamís effectiveness is in direct proportion to its leaderís ability to connect positively to its team members.

Activity: Interpersonal skills 

Challenge # 5.  How do your team members view you as a leader?  It is important for team leaders to gauge accurately how they come across to their team members. All too frequently team leaders assume that they are perceived one way when in reality the team members are seeing them very differently.  There are ten basic roles of a team leader.  Assess how your team sees you performing each of the essential roles.

Activity: How do your team members view your leadership? 

Challenge # 6.  What leadership behaviors dominate your team interaction?  Analyze your daily actions with your team.  Are there some leadership behaviors that take up too much time or detract from what you feel you should be doing?

Activity: Leadership Behavior

Challenge # 7. Have you covered basic team groundwork?  When building a team there is a basic foundation that needs to be laid.

Activity: Groundwork for Strong Teams

Challenge # 8.  How well do you mange change?    Business teams are continually changing whether they want it or even know it. New personnel, new economic conditions, new needs, new policy, new directives, etc. all add up to an ever-changing work environment.   Effective team leaders understand the need for harnessing and directing change.  Assess your  ability to lead change.

Activity: Change Facilitation

Challenge # 9.  Do you create an environment for team success?  Team leaders set a tone, model behavior, and create a team ethos.  This ethos can range from one that is vibrant and that encourages team success to one that works against the stated goals of the team.  Assess the atmosphere for team success that you encourage.

Activity: Creating an Atmosphere for Team Success  

Challenge # 10.  How well do you communicate with your team? Each team leader has a unique communication style with his or her team.  How effective is yours? Assess your communication skills by creating a communication profile.

Activity: Communication Profile

Challenge # 11.  How well do you address team problems?  As a team leader you are continually putting out fires and solving problems.  It is important as a team leader to understand how you approach problems.  Assess your method of problem solving.

Activity: Problem Solving Guidelines  

Challenge # 12.  How well do you make decisions?   Decision making is a process of deciding to move into the future following a particular course of action. Because things are not always certain in business, your team relies on your judgment and assessment as a decision maker. Assess how you approach making decisions.

Activity: Explore Your Decision Making Style

Challenge # 13. How do you see your role as a team leader? Team leaders are asked to play many different roles, depending on the situation and the people involved.  Assess the many roles of leadership that shape your leadership responsibilities.

Activity: Leadership Roles Self Appraisal