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Work Satisfaction 



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1. Work Satisfaction: Assess your level of work satisfaction

2.  Career Advancement: A self-appraisal to gain insight into your career advancement potential

3. Contributorship: A tool to assess your feelings about work

4. Team Participation Preferences: A self-assessment to gain insight into how you prefer to interact on teams

5. Needs Assessment: A process that you can you to analyze team issues, needs, and problems

6. Decision Making Self Assessment: Are you an effective decision maker?

7. Team Trust Inventory: Ten questions to assess team trust levels

8. Workplace Values Inventory: A self-assessment of your personal workplace values

9. Interpersonal Skills Inventory: Identify and evaluate your skills

Interpersonal skills  

On a daily basis leaders model interpersonal skills appropriate for the work environment.  Assess how you do with each of the interpersonal skills identified below: 1= Weak skill, 2= Adequate skill, 3= Strong skill.

1   2   3  

I willingly share my expertise and experience

1   2   3  

I energize the people around me

1   2   3  

I support new ideas, suggestions, and risks

1   2   3  

I set high but appropriate work standards

1   2   3  

My expectations are clearly communicated

1   2   3  

I encourage others to participate

1   2   3  

I have a reliable antenna to determine how others are feeling

1   2   3  

I willing pass on required information in a timely manner

1   2   3  

I am an active listener

1   2   3  

I work quickly and effectively to resolve conflicts

1   2   3  

I provide feedback that is both helpful and sensitive

1   2   3  

I discipline in a timely and fair manner

1   2   3  

I clearly and repeatedly model my core work values

1   2   3  

I am an adept problem solver

1   2   3  

I am an advocate for meaningful change

Select three skills that you would like to strengthen and identify one or two actions that you can use to improve.

Skill Developmental Action(s)