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Communication Profile

Communication Profile

Perhaps the first step toward improving your communication skills is to get a profile of your communication style.  Use the simple survey below to begin thinking about your communication style.  When you are done with the survey, list your strengths and weakness and, subsequently, make a conscious effort to bolster identified weaknesses: 1="no," 2="usually," 3="yes."

  1. 1  2  3  Is my communication straightforward and clear?

  2. 1  2  3  Do I effectively adjust to the setting and circumstances?

  3. 1  2  3  Do I restate what I've heard to indicate that I understood?

  4. 1  2  3  Do I avoid selective listening?

  5. 1  2  3  Do I listen for the intent or meaning of a message?

  6. 1  2  3  Do I make eye contact and am I attentive?

  7. 1  2  3  Am I respectful of other speakers?

  8. 1  2  3  Do I ask sincere and meaningful questions?

  9. 1  2  3  Am I a good observer of other people?

  10. 1  2  3  Do I take responsibility for what I say?

  11. 1  2  3  Does my communication have an "edge?"

  12. 1  2  3  Do I frequently ask for feedback?

Did you score 29 or more?

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