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Change Facilitation

Change Facilitation

How well do you lead change?  Assess your “change behavior” by asking yourself how well you address the positive change actions listed below:

Team Leaders… 

o Continually gather data to help assess needs and direction.

o Exude optimism, helping teams understand that they will change successfully.

o Are adaptable and eagerly seek better ways of doing “business.”

o Can see the "big picture" and communicate it to the team and get them excited about it.

o Help team members work through their fear of change by appraising the “change tolerance” of each individual and subsequently training, coaching, and motivating them to adopt a change.

o Can prioritize change strategies and implement them in a timely manner.

o Aren’t afraid of failure and are willing to take calculated risks.

o Articulate what needs to be done and to prepare teams for impending change.


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