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Workshop Exercises is operated by a team of long-time consultants who have had extensive work in business, education, and non-profits.  We feel strongly that it is important that professional development trainers see themselves as a community of learners. If trainers, coaches, facilitators, HR professionals, and others dedicated to professional development find ways to  share best practices, both learning and teaching will be more effective and authentic.  This site then is intended to serve as a focal point for professionals to not only discover new things that they can do to boost their training, but also to serve as a connecting space where professionalism can flow between peers. 

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We hope also that you will contribute (see below) some of your own exercises and activities so others can benefit from your experience. 

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Workshopexercises.com is a community of professional trainers who are willing to share outstanding exercises and activities that have worked for them.  If you have something you would like to share, please follow the guidelines below: 

Send your contribution to contribute@workshopexercises.com  Please follow the format listed below.  Within each section of the submission form, you will find word limits.  We appreciate your effort to hold to these limits.  Also submit only your own material--honor copyright regulations.

All submissions are subject to review by Workshopexercises.com.  Once your submission is approved by our editors, it will be posted.  We reserve the right to alter, edit, or change a submission to fit the needs and definition of this site. 

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The materials on this site are provided "as is."  They do not express or imply any guarantees, warranties, or expectations for success. Users of this website and the material contained within are solely responsible for the use of the material.  Workshop Exercises and Tom Siebold assume no responsibility or liability for any results or damages that arise.