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Here are free activities, exercises, inventories, and resources that you can use to add OOMPH to your presentations, workshops, coaching, and meetings.

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Spotlight!  Clarifying Roles:  Help your team clarify individual roles


Leadership!  Leadership Tips: On-the-job self improvement ideas to strengthen your leadership skills


Workplace   Workplace Productivity: Thirty strategies to boost your personal on-the-job productivity


Facilitation!  Facilitation Guide: Handbook of facilitation skills

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Activities to add interest and depth to your training efforts.  Activities  are divided into three groupings: Leadership, Team Building, and Engagement.

Performance Management: Definition & Components , Performance Management and Accountability, Individual Development Plan, Performance Appraisals, Emotional Intelligence, Well-Being

Inventories and assessments-- Career Advancement, Contributorship, Work Satisfaction, Team Participation Preferences, Needs Assessment, Decision Making, Team Trust, Workplace Values, Interpersonal Skills

Leadership Insights--  Leadership Tips, Stress, Leadership Articles, Time Management, Leadership Styles, Types of Power, Delegation, Decision Making, Growth Plan, Praise, Communication Tips, Feedback, Leader Responsibilities, Leader/Team Tension, Management Framework, Strategic Planning, Talent Development, Engagement Misconceptions, High-power leadership, Succession Planning

Team Focusing-- Team Assessment, Visioning, Goal Setting, Building an Action Plan, Clarifying Roles, Understanding Change, Conflict Awareness, Collaboration Strategies, Team Norms, Team Expectations, Games, Net Generation, Innovation, Productivity, Work Culture. Difficult Feedback, Receiving Feedback

Team Leader Challenge.  Thirteen self-evaluations to help you explore your approach to working with a team.   Click Here

Self Development:  Emotional Intelligence, Developmental Activities, Learning Styles,  Stress, Unlearning, Productivity Blockers


Spotlight: In-House Coaching:  

Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing an 

Internal Coaching Program



Coaching/ Onboarding: In-House Coaching Plan, Coaching Skills, Coachee Skills, Onboarding 

The Workplace: Workplace Bullying, Well-Being, Work Culture, Wellness Programs


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Meetings--Strategies to improve Meeting Effectiveness, Virtual Meetings, Meeting Dynamics


Facilitation: Guide, tips, and skills-- Facilitation GuideBrainstorming, Discussion Tips, Evaluation Form, Visual Aids Tips


Team Leadership Guide




Our new Team Leadership Guide provides a clear and concise overview of vital skills necessary for team leader success.

This free Team Leadership Guide is ideal for new managers, leadership training, coaching, personal improvement, or any situation where a team leadership outline would be helpful.

Click Here

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When trainers, coaches, facilitators, HR professionals, and others dedicated to professional development  share best practices, both learning and teaching become more effective and authentic.  This site is intended to serve as a focal point for professionals to not only discover new things that they can do to boost their training, but also to serve as a connecting space where professionalism can flow between peers.

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